My love for capturing images started more than 40 years ago when I was just five years old. My parents gave me an old Kodak box brownie camera, which I still have, and I shot countless rolls of 620 film with it. When I was a little older I managed to build a black and white lab in my parent’s basement, so that I could keep shooting and developing; always capturing and creating images.
And it’s never left me; through my education, my first job at a prolab in Sydney, my first television job at Channel Ten and my time covering events like the Sydney Olympics, the Port Arthur & Thredbo tragedies and stories in South Africa, the South Pacific, New Guinea, Indonesia and even Antarctica for the Sydney Bureau of Television New Zealand.
In 2003 I began my freelance career so that I could continue to pursue and push my creative development. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years, and learn and progress both technically and creatively every day working as a lighting cameraman and editor; shooting on XDCAM HD formats, the Canon 5D Mark II and Sony FS100s and editing in Avid and Final Cut Pro.
My other passion, as you’ve probably noticed from my images, is Porsche. I’ve loved cars since spending many youthful weekends watching Bathurst and Formula One with my brother, and Porsches just struck that special note with me. I was captivated by their incredible performance, feats of motorsport mastery, build quality and, of course, their looks.
From my first car (a Datsun 180B), which was supremely modified with a high-performance, light weight leather clad Porsche gear knob, through to my first 911, the Porsche dream has always burned brightly in me. I now actively add to the Porsche community as the webmaster for the Porsche Club of New South Wales, which allows me to combine my love of Porsche and photography and help other Porsche fans live the dream.
I have travelled the world in search of places and images that inspire me. From Nepal, Prague and Cairo, to my beautiful home town of Sydney. And what my experience and travels have taught me is that I just love shooting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunrise, landscape, sports or a set; the challenge and excitement of creating and capturing the time, the energy and, most of all, the moment is what drives and inspires me. It always has, and it always will.